How to choose the good makeup brushes for makeup beginners?

In fact, there are many basic cosmetic brushes available on the market, including at least foundation brushes, blush brushes, eye shadow brushes and eyebrow brushes. For make-up beginners, a full set of makeup brushes will be a good choice. Because generally a makeup brushes set include the basic brushes needed for daily use.

You know, choose best hair is very important when you buy makeup brush. Good makeup brushes with high quality hair can make the powder more evenly attached to the face, make makeup more natural. In general, the most common and good-quality make-up brushes are made of goat wool and very soft. But there are also selection of weasel hair, mink hair, horse hair made, first-class texture, respected by the make-up artist. However, we don’t need to stick to the natural animal hair, because the different hair in the makeup can play different effects, such as the popular creamy eye shadow or paste rouge, it should be used to make man-made fibers or nylon make-up brush, Its harder hairs are more easily to smudge the eye shadow or rouge.

A good makeup brush is this:

Good brush bristles should be soft and smooth, not easy to fall off, easy to handle and use, but also with good tubes, looks high-end and easy to use. When you buy the makeup brushes, pay attention to the hair should be strong and tidy; you can also gently brush the bristles with your fingers down to see if the brush will fall; brush gently sweep the back of the hand, draw a semicircle, we can see whether the hair is good tailored.

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