How to use an egg shaped makeup sponge brush?

Egg shaped beauty makeup sponge brush with soft texture and design can be very easy to do daily cosmetic, and use it to the foundation is very uniform, do not suck powder. It can makeup the face details like the corner of the eye, nose and other small parts very well.

How to use Egg shaped beauty makeup sponge brush?

The correct way is to press the sponge on the face point by point, then the cosmetics can be more uniformly on your face.

What can you do with a makeup sponge brush except foundation?

The most basic way of cosmetic egg is used for foundation, but in fact you can use it to concealer, eye shadow,  shading powder etc.

It is correct to soak the makeup sponge in water and squeeze out the water with your hands. But still make sure the sponge is slightly wet to make a good cosmetic.

How to clean the egg shaped makeup sponge brush?

In fact, dipped the sponge in cleaning shampoo, just gently pinch the makeup egg sponge, put it in the water to clean it, and then gently scrub with both hands, it can be very clean. Then put the sponge on the plastic box or shelf, let it dry by natural air.

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