Super-smooth silicone puff. Have you started using it?

The outer layer is covered with a very smooth film that is very smooth when in contact with the skin and rubbing.


it is big different with  sponge products, which have a strong friction, the biggest advantage is save liquid foundation


Because silicone has no adsorption capacity, it will not eat powder


Therefore, it is also very convenient to clean it up. Rub it with a make-up remover, rinse with water, or even wash it with soap.


When you use it, apply the liquid foundation directly to your face, then slowly apply it with a silicone puff.

Because the silicone puff itself does not have any adsorption and release properties, it can only rely on continuous application and friction.


Make the liquid foundation melt into the skin, so this process is relatively long, unlike sponge products, a few seconds can be integrated.


But after the fusion is still relatively natural.


Silicone powder puff can only apply liquid foundation with strong fluidity, that is  thinner liquid foundation

The liquid foundation with too thick texture will be difficult to push open. When you use it, first gently press on the face, and then apply pressure and then apply slowly.

And the amount must be less, follow the principle of a few times


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