What should be included in one affordable makeup brushes set?

First of all, many sister still do not know the makeup brushes very well, Lets introduce the basic types for an affordable makeup brushes set.

Foundation Brush

There are many types of foundation brush, like a round head brush, flat head brush. In general, makeup beginners should be more suitable for round brush and toothbrush type. Round brush is easier to grasp, flat head directly to brushing on your face.

Concealer brush, lip brush

Conceal brush and lip brush requirements are almost the same, so a lot of brushes are be used both for concealer and lips, the brush head is relatively small, easy to control, especially when drawing lip line or precise position concealer.

Powder brush

Big and fluffy powder brush on the face is super comfortable, whether it is round or tapered. Of course, its aslo important to have a fan brush to sweep the left powder. Choose a good powder brush, not only make you feel enjoyable, but also can makeup the powder more uniform. So youd better to choose a strong and uniform powder brush.

Blush brush

Do you want a cute pink, super-look color on your face? Blush brush is very necessary then. It is usually a round or flat brush. Of course, there are also fire flames shape or bevel shape. Sometimes, there are makeup artists use blush brush to makeup shadow, it is also ok.

Repair brush

Repair brush is generally a bevel brush, bevel angle is very important, if more in line with the curvature of their own face will be very good. But be sure to keep in mind that the grasping capacity of your brush must not be too strong. 

Eye shadow brush

There are many types of eye shadow brush, the size are also different, the shape of the flat head, round head, cone and sponge head etc, the main ability for eye shadow brush is to grasp a little stronger powder, otherwise the eye shadow will not be clear.

Yanbeauty offers you varies of affordable makeup brushes set including 5pcs, 6pcs set etc., even you are makeup beginner or professional makeup artist, you can find proper makeup brushes here.


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