Which makeup brushes are you must have

Foundation brush. Basically made of fiber wool, its use of frequency is relatively large, there are many forms. There are flat, flat, and square heads, etc., and different brush sizes and different forms of brush makeup effects are not the same. If you are a master, you can choose according to different makeup and concealment. If you are a novice, then the flat-bottom foundation brush is obviously better to use, and will not appear brush marks.

Concealer brush. The brush that comes with the concealer is sometimes too small to complete the sash boundaries, so a small, flat fiber hair brush is a must.

Eye brush. I think that the eye is actually the most important part. The exquisiteness of a makeup is very much depends on the eye makeup. Therefore, in the eye makeup part, you need at least three brushes. One is a lantern dizzy dye brush, used to blooming nose shadow and the entire contour of the eye socket, and the second is a flat head eye shadow brush used to smudge the key color, and the third is a small round head blooming brush to smudge the accent color. As long as you have these three brushes, you can basically get a foundation or even a colorful eye makeup.

Blush brush. In this section we recommend that you buy a brush like a hamster's hair, because this kind of hair is not very strong pink powder, used in the blush brush can ensure that the novice will not start too heavy. In addition, there is a feeling of spring breeze and a very good sense of use. Of course, if you like the exaggerated blush makeup effect, then wool is more suitable for you.

Lip brush. Whether it is a delicate red lips or the most popular kiss lips now, a well-finished lip brush is definitely your must. When choosing a lip brush, it is recommended to choose a slightly flat round brush. This will make it easier to trace the lip and mouth corners.

We summed up the set of makeup brushes that must be purchased: foundation brush, concealer brush, eye three, blush brush and lip brush. One foundation brush, one eye brush, and one blush brush can be purchased for some money. Does it seem to save a lot of unnecessary brushes?


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