makeup brush, solved part of the employment of rural women in China

Beauty is a woman's makrup brush, blush brush, eye shadow brush ... ... men can not say this set of "Kung Fu", but ladies very good at makeup.


Among these, makeup brushes are essential. The large makeup brush is used for foundation makeup , the medium one is for blush, and the small one is for eye shadow.


there is a new about ,makupbrush change the poor famillies life.


It was such a small makeup brush that led to the employment of more than 60,000 people in individual small towns in China, many of whom were women from poor families.them made makeup brush , and packing them. It has become their job。


A small makeup brush, "painted" out of thousands of women's style; a small makeup brush, "painted" out of poverty.


Thanks to the company that made the makeup brush for such an opportunity. Let more people come into contact with this tool,


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