why should we use vegan makeup brushes but not animal hair makeup brushes?

People usually think of "vegan" only as a dietary choice, but unfortunately, just asking any Vegan, they will tell you that many things you never dreamed about from duvet, soft clothes to toothpaste, which contain animal ingredients! makeup brushes are one of them. Make-up brushes are traditionally made from animal hair, but can also find animal-free hair options, which is vegan makeup brushes. Here are five reasons to explain why you should use a cosmetic brush made of synthetic hair:

1. No animal is harmed: animal hair for makeup brushes, usually from squirrels, minks, sables, goats, or horses. The animals are treated in terrible way that you cant imagine to get their fur. Anyone who buys makeup brushes made with their hair is in support of the industry. Horse hair is often obtained from animals slaughtered as horse meat. Even if you are not vegetarian, if you do not wear fur or eat horse meat, then please do not use a cosmetic brush with animal hair.

2. Good quality: Cosmetic makeup brushes have developed over the past few years. The only difference between them and traditional makeup brushes is that the cosmetic brushes with animal hair are the products of animal abuse. Synthetic makeup brushes are easier to clean, just wash with shampoo is fine.

3. Good for the skin: Cosmetic brushes with animal hair are not only bad for animals, but they may also be harmful to us because many people are allergic to animal hair - no one wants to make makeup while the eyes are full of tears. ! In addition, the synthetic material is less likely to accumulate bacteria.

4. Easy to get: Vegan makeup brushes no longer need to look for. Beautiful women around the world are getting to know that we do not need cosmetic brushes made from animal abuse!

5. Affordable: The best vegan makeup brushes are cheaper than most expensive non-vegan brands! Other cheaper brands include e.l.f. and EcoTools, which are several times cheaper than non-vegan make-up brushes.

Makeup brushes containing animal hair are cruel products that may also cause an allergic reaction; conversely, brands that contain no animal hair are cheap and effective, and will not do any harm to the animals. Lets make good choice with vegan makeup brushes today!



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